Birthday batch release #2~

Good morning, Kasei here. Kajii-mee is too lazy to release so I`m filling in for him. I hope he fixed his car window already… D: Kajii-mee seems to be prone to get into car accidents… :o So, I know you`re all dying to meet Kajii-mee in person, so I`m proud to announce that I have Kajii-mee`s address in my posession! ;D I like cake and lemon squares~~ ;D


Good Ending Oneshot [Chapter 000 on the reader]

Kurohime 64-65

Saori 05

[new]Smash 47 joint with Twee Quidam Scans Version 2 forget add last page T_T sorry

Ps. As per clar-kun`s request, shoutouts to the NoNamers out there. ;D

Also, read about iMS`s history here~

19 thoughts on “Birthday batch release #2~”

  1. Thank you for the GE oneshot. I`ve wanted to read it for a long time. I didn`t like it as much as the series though. Utsumi seemed kind of fickle in this one, changing his mind about Shou so suddenly and I think Kurokawa would have been disappointed because she wanted to believe in the purity of Utsumi`s love, but anyways thanks again for the scanlation it was really high quality

  2. Thanks for smash!!!!!! was waiting for it hope you people keep doing it on a regular basis

  3. Thanks alot for the Good Ending, GE-Oneshot. I was waiting for this for a while and loved every page of the one-shot, it was awesome and I think one-shot Yuki is hotter. You guys rock!

  4. Thanks for the great work and happy belated birthday!

    This is actually the ending I expect for the real series, just much more developed and touching. It`s gonna be one hell of a ride!

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!

    For GE – One shot and ESPECIALLY SMASH!!!! I was waiting for you guys to start it for a long time now…


    P.S.: Go Habs Go! :)

  6. Thanks for the GE one-shot! It was great, not I know why it was serialised so quickly. It`s a little shame that Utsumi didn`t maintain his original character, though.

  7. I dont know if this was answered before but are you guys gonna be doing the tankoubon version for Good Ending?

  8. OMG THANK YOU IMS I been waiting forever to read the oneshot of GE. Thank you so much

  9. Wow love the new layout!! Also thanks for the double kurohime release, you guys rock :>!!!

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