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The first official release for imangascans was done exactly one year ago, on this day we.. or more accurately Puremadniss released the first chapter of medaka box. Mostly random chapters of popular series were done in the early days, and most of those are lost to time.. which is probably a good thing, our quality has improved a lot since then. Not many are still around who can claim they have been here since day one.

Anyway, with a new year comes a new design, our website has been upgraded to version two. Any remarks, comments, suggestions and errors can be posted here in our forum.

Special Thanks to dragos!

We`ll be releasing a lot of chapters over the next days, but todays release include:

Baby Steps – Chapter 20

Saikyou! Toritsu Aoizaka Koukou Yakyuubu – Chapter 14

Shinwa Ponchi – chapter 3

Please don`t treat the download server as I would my boyfriend, hmm.. I suppose that`s a bad example in many ways..

19 thoughts on “New website”

  1. Great job up until now. Please take care of us for the next year as well ; ) hahahaha. Thank you for baby steps chapter 20 I really enjoyed it

  2. grats ^ ^ *even i didnt know >.>* anyhoo, methinks the new elements are a great addition though positioning is awkward. i mean.. u got ya thick flash banner which covers up half of the news posts. for the concept that yar tryin ta do, methinks this organization: is better. most importantly, the flash banner will get very boring if it`s always the same things. miku clock is nice but a waste of space. manga series cycler is great but would be better with a next/previous button. also for some series, i cant see the title. u got all that space, make the image bigger with text clearer.

    great job anyhow. & once again, happy birthday.

    edit: #2 poll: “did you already vote this week?” 6 words, granted humans can read 7 words at a time in w/ a quick look. but it`s awkward. suggests using “have you voted this week?”

    also, happy bdae banner is so-so d:

  3. Congrats on your first anniversary and thanks a lot for your releases!
    Can`t remember if it was already there but i LOVE that miku-clock lol

  4. Dragos wrote:

    Congratz, IMS, but… what`s up with the weird-looking banner?

    Did you just call my banner weird?? I hope not…

    Anyways, you know Saikyou! is finished now ? **

    Yes we do know.

  5. One year already ? Thought that would be more long. :)
    Anyways, you know Saikyou! is finished now ? **

  6. Wow, it`s been a year already? O_O

    I get nostalgic looking back at the the beginning of IMS…

    Happy Anniversary IMS ^_^

  7. Congratz, IMS, but… what`s up with the weird-looking banner? And the hot chicks all over the place? And the brazilian bikini?


  8. Congratulations on the anniversary. :) Thanks alot for the Baby Steps chapter

  9. Things look pretty awesome. Happy Birthday IMS and thanks for the releases.

  10. banzai IMS! And I`ve been here from pretty early on, though I don`t think I can claim day one. Maybe day 2? :D

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