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The first official release for imangascans was done exactly one year ago, on this day we.. or more accurately Puremadniss released the first chapter of medaka box. Mostly random chapters of popular series were done in the early days, and most of those are lost to time.. which is probably a good thing, our quality has improved a lot since then. Not many are still around who can claim they have been here since day one.

Anyway, with a new year comes a new design, our website has been upgraded to version two. Any remarks, comments, suggestions and errors can be posted here in our forum.

Special Thanks to dragos!

We`ll be releasing a lot of chapters over the next days, but todays release include:

Baby Steps – Chapter 20

Saikyou! Toritsu Aoizaka Koukou Yakyuubu – Chapter 14

Shinwa Ponchi – chapter 3

Please don`t treat the download server as I would my boyfriend, hmm.. I suppose that`s a bad example in many ways..

Ikigami 29 & 30

Many thanks to Kajii-mee, azn, Noobz, PROz-chan, and Kit-chan for making these releases happen. You guys are awesome – I don`t know what I`d`ve done without you. Thank you very, very much, and please continue to take care of me/listen to me b*tch/put up with my unreasonable demands in the future. >.< I love you all! And I`ll toss Les-chan`s name up here too, just so he can`t bail on me later. ;D Much love!
Ikigami chapter 29



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Ikigami chapter 30



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ddl coming soon~ :)

ddl is up now :)