13 thoughts on “Baby Steps chapter 19”

  1. so yea… can i ask a question?
    who is ilikefood?
    ty for release, was waiting for ages!

  2. *picks up a rock, gauges the distance to ilikefood, aims and throws.*
    *it misses……..*
    *lights anothing cigarette*

    Welp, i tried. thanks for the release.

  3. finnaly , a new release :)


    IMS scans ? o_O thats “I Manga Scans Scans” ? o_O

  4. I`ll try this again sober:

    We love you IMS Scans! Even you Futari

    (there, as it should be done)

  5. /me throws rocks at ilikefood
    wait why are we doing this?
    oh well
    /me throws some more

    And good job btw~

  6. Yaaay! Thank you very much. It made my sorrowful sunday a bit better:)

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