Kurohime Chapter 63

A new chapter of my beloved Kurohime <3
And quite a shocking one!

Chapter 63 marks the end of Volume 16 and also the begin of the web serialization. There are actually 10 more chapters avaible at the web reader, but we decided to wait for the Tank Volume 17 for better quality. Vol 17 is already out and bought.

Just wait patiently till it arrives. And if I am in a good mood, I might post my TL on Mangahelpers.

Well enjoy your chapter and be prepared for the ending!

10 thoughts on “Kurohime Chapter 63”

  1. ?? I cant wait for the next volume!!! Gimme! plz ;) how long shoul we wait ?))))

  2. Thanks for the incredible chapter. Your are the best, i cant wait for the vol 17 >.<

  3. Wait!!! So umm… Like SPOILER!!!!

    So is the Shinigami that Kurohime and “Zero” killed was the real Zero and the “Zero” we all know is really Rei?! So basically Rei changed his own name to Zero and since he already had a fragment he was able to become the new shinigami later.

    Is this what the chapter is telling us?

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! i freakin love this chapter!!! cant wait for volume 17 XD!! thanks a lot for the translations by the way! [toggle=read more]I want to see what will happen when the two Kurohimes will meet each other[/toggle]

  5. I want to say something.
    No the web serialization began at the first chapter of the volume 15, so like two years ago. :)
    But thanks for the chapter, in France, we are in volume 16 too. ^^
    The volume 17 just coming out two days ago … I have to wait.

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