Good Ending chapter 33

Such a lovely Oonuma chapter, and this has got to be the first time ever a main character gets this setup to.. yeah…. that machine is evil! 3%? :/

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  1. HI thanks for the chapter, today or yesterday is release the RAW chapter 35 when is out the 34??

  2. damnnnnnnnnn this chapchas ainttt drunk proooff

    Anyways,, lool ppor ooonuma, 3$, that`sss literally the worrst ive eva seen lol. Tisss a shame, cause she has the big boooobies

    We love yu iMs release team! Even futaari! (I hoppe you don`t liike hentaai futa lkol!)

  3. HAHAHA 3%? there is no way that a really machine would ever give those results. thanks for the release : )

  4. wrote:

    Why was this chapter so delayed?

    You didn`t get the memo, it explained there in a very detailed manner.

  5. it`s 01.25 at my place and there`s a new GE release..
    ok, one chapter before i`m goin to bed
    thanks IMS, keep up a great job!

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