Kurohime Chapter 63

A new chapter of my beloved Kurohime <3
And quite a shocking one!

Chapter 63 marks the end of Volume 16 and also the begin of the web serialization. There are actually 10 more chapters avaible at the web reader, but we decided to wait for the Tank Volume 17 for better quality. Vol 17 is already out and bought.

Just wait patiently till it arrives. And if I am in a good mood, I might post my TL on Mangahelpers.

Well enjoy your chapter and be prepared for the ending!

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter07

Finally some Kaitai again!

Sorry for the delay, but we had a little problem with proofreading.

On this note a special thanks to Galooza!

Chapter 8 is already in work and will be done too soon~

Chapter 9 raws are in my hands, but I`m kinda busy. So I don`t think my transltion will it make this weekend.

Well enjoy your chapter now!

dollgun 19

heh i havnt made an online credit page in a while…or posted in a while

sorrrrry >_< yah took a while with this chapter because i took a week or 2 off and i gave it to someone else to do...but yah since exams are over (probably failed too) i can get back to some editing... goods news: expect 20 to be out soon too

New Series! Zettai Joou Sei!

I want everyone to join me and welcome a new staff member here at iMS, Cheese_Cake. He worked on this new series all by himself except for small stuff Kajii and I helped him with (also special thanks to georgi). Here`s a link for more info on the series. It looks like an interesting series, take a look and tell us what you think. :D



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