Mass release! and for USA- Happy Memorial Day!

Kajii doesn`t feel like writing a release post as always, so I`ll do it, I guess. Seems we`ve got a bunch of stuff piled up for no reason, so here`s the list:

Tijikun Ch11

Dageki Joi Saori Ch6

Heads Ch8

Ikigami Ch32

Shinwa Ponchi Ch5

Oh, and one more thing – an epic 35th chapter of GE ~Good Ending~.

On another note, sounds like the ddl and online reader will be back tomorrow. Maybe. Anyways, here`s a picture of food because this release would feel empty otherwise:

Edit Kajii: P.S Special Thanks to Mizi helping me with uploading to MangaToshokan :)!

Good Ending Chapter 35

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Tijikun Chapter 11

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Shinwa Ponchi Chapter 05

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Ikigami Chapter 32

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Heads Chapter 08

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Dageki Joi Saori Chapter 06

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Beach Stars Ch 31

So hello folks. we picked up a new series well more we will finish the series since it`s already started. So we gladly present you Beach Stars Chapter 31.

News: Kasei was able to hold back and in these last days only killed 4 beings, 3 of them being squirrels. Can we assume by these last days that she learned how to properly drive? I`m not so sure. I think it was only a couple of day off and she thought of the human race. So now the kill count is up to 260.

Anyway, less talk, more reading and ecchiness. Enjoy the chapter.

Smash! Chapter 50

Good day, Everyone.

Today I present you again a new chapter of Smash!

Over this week I was busy writing a report, but I just finished writing everything down!

So to party this glorious event I present you this chapter.

I hope you like it as much as did.

(Though I like every chapter of this manga oO)

Enjoy Reading