No Bra ch31

Well, here it is! Finally we finished no bra, we took it in about half a year ago and it moved so damn slow (Sorry Kurokami ;p). But here it is, enjoy and don`t forget to come bash and/or discuss this chapter in our forum~

I must say I liked the ending, the swimming pool scene was enjoyable xD

On a sidenote, I`ve been asked before but never looked into it.. the picture in the creditpage originates from here.

eep, and a thank you for akash for his work on ch30~

10 thoughts on “No Bra ch31”

  1. Awesome guys, good job finishing this serie!
    Maybe someday you will also pick up “Koibana Onsen” another good serie by same author which needs translator, ahhh wishful thinking ^_^
    Anyway tnx.

  2. I can`t wait to read this but I have another 20 chapters to go. Yet, I`am so glad that it`s complete; and lol @ the credit page`s origin, can`t wait till I get there.

    P.S: I`am kind of struggling with this one due to the heavy shounen-ai going on, but since it`s funny and not too bad I think I can manage.

  3. I was disappointed cause of the ending =,=
    i thought that they would be together with a threesome love :(

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