Guardian Dog Ends here!

Yeah it is true! It ends here! So suck it! I wont work on it any more!

So “EAT SHlT, DlE!” (quote from my friend Duke Nukem) is what I would like to say but I wont because it would get censored…

[toggle=But that doesn`t mean there wont be any more reading :P]

Okey, I would like to thank some people who helped me with this project:

First but not most, Vaane for finding this manga for me :P

Then my beloved Translator PROzess , who also did some editing!

Then there is Kajii for support, QC, help coordination, job runaway and immense nagging

(Argh…. Don`t kill me Kajii, I am just joking!)

Solowing for doing the last chapters proofing so fast!

futari for QCing

NoObz , haru-chan and adytu99 for editing help.

And last Kitsu for Proofing some chapters before she dropped off~

Oh, and not to forget, ME, linuxnofear ! (*Immense Applause*) “Thank you, thank you!”…

Edit! I forgot to thank Phoebastria for colouring Vol4 Credit! Soz… no Credit on the page… ;(

[toggle=OH, right… The releases maybe…]

Chp 18 MF MU DDL Read Online

Chp 19 MF MU DDL Read Online

Chp 20 MF MU DDL Read Online

Chp 21 MF MU DDL Read Online

Chp 22 MF MU DDL Read Online

Volume 4 Batch MF