Caterpillar Operetta ch01

First off, this chapter took by far the longest to quality check.. mostly because I got bored after long long pages of “FONDDDDDDDLLLLEEEEE ME!?!?!” but here it is.. I hope you enjoy~

A little warning though, don`t expect more chapters.. we`re not sure if we will continue it, it depends on many factors~

And about the credit page.. Kajii actually said that.. so it must be true ^^

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  1. the cleans was done like 3 month ago…and it was only until recently that i ask our kuro-sama to translate this to get it out…and than a typesetter just jump at it and started working on it and than it got release =O
    anway we dont have the raws so that another reason as to why we might continue it

  2. Do u drop it completly or has at least 1 translator enough motivation to do it so i could clean and Edit it. But that will take some time and im not a pro in it.

  3. I`m usually not a fan of the more ecchi manga, since they always seem to be about the samething, and it`s always they same way to get to the ecchi stuff (i.e. “Whoops i tripped on something. Oh NOES, i just happened to pull down your pants or bikini or bra”). But i kinda like the acting side of the story, at least that`s a little new.

    But if it continues; awesome. If not; it was fun while it lasted.

  4. Honestly, I was kinda meh with the guy`s attitude. But his potential with his bipolar/acting/raping side made it much more interesting.

    Thanks for the release.

  5. Aww, come on. It was such a great chapter, and it would be great if you could keep them coming… But then again, if you just can`t, you can`t.

    Thanks anyhow.

  6. Thanks for the chapter. Too bad if you guys actually drop this, I know some other group is releasing it in volumes, but their translations seems off in a lot of places. At least I enjoy your work, but of course is your call.

    Anyway, thanks again!

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