Freezing Chapter 30


Here it is. You damn dirty leechers. Spaming the shit outta the spam box does not make things come out faster. Usually we delay them even more. So stop it you stupid leechers. Shit man i don`t even work on this and it annoyed me. You guys spam some more and I WILL DELAY GE DON`T TEMPT ME!

20 thoughts on “Freezing Chapter 30”

  1. afaik the picture they used for the credits page is from Monster Hunter… but that`s just a complete and total guess.

  2. wow. this wasn`t great. not the manga, the quality. grr. and they spelled kasei`s name wrong. rawr. >:( but thanks for the release =)

  3. Damn!! thank you guys! hey kasei you didn`t say that you have already been doing the chapter when i was writing at the shoutbox xD Thanks everybody!

  4. thanks for the release! and it sucks when people spam and ruin things for the rest of us, not like spamming makes things get released faster, so please don`t spam. All it does is annoy people. ;p

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