Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 04

Been a while since I released Chapter 03.

Also just wanted to apologize to the guys over at Trinity BAKumA for how I acted when they had released chapter 4. Completely unnecessary of me and I am glad I was able to sort that out.

Nobody reads these so meh.

4 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 04”

  1. I wish you guys would get new security code things…half the time, I get them “wrong” even though I`ve entered exactly what`s supposed to have been entered. =.= No idea if that means spaces are supposed to be counted or what. BUT ANYWAYS.

    THANK YOU FOR THE RELEASE. I actually forgot I kept up with this series and ignored the release. Now I remember exactly why I love it. THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL WORK LIKE ALWAYS!

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