Change 123 ch52

Well here it is, I would like to make known none of the staff members involved in this project were badly hurt or sent to a hospital because of me whipping them to work harder.. well having said that, enjoy this chapter!

Also; we`re looking for somebody willing to help us out with a weekly poll. Writing it + posting it on the frontpage~ Contact me if you think you can do that for us~ (Yes, the complete IMS staff is a bunch of whining gray boring people with lack of skill for writing polls)~ Maybe later..

10 thoughts on “Change 123 ch52”

  1. Omigosh, I`ve been dying for a new chapter of Change 123~
    Thank you so much for the awesome release! :D

  2. Thanks for the chapter :) Hope I didn`t cause any trauma for any of the staff members. And also special thanks to dom*natrix futari for making this happen :) looking forward for the next chapter, but pls less blood this time ^^

  3. Awesome. Thanks for the latest chapter, but it was a pretty lame one. I hope things get better. Guess I`ll have to wait (not too long I hope) and see.

  4. Thanks for the chapter, hopefully there were no long term scars created in the creation of this chapter

  5. i feel like those last 2 pages of the chapter was what he deserve
    showing off money like that… -_-“

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