Good Ending chapter 30

Well, this should have been out a while ago but it seems it was a cursed chapter. Maybe now people believe us when we say Shou is not the way to go..

The online manga reader is getting a thorough update, it will be down for the time being yes.

Ikigami Chapter 27

It`s time to end the arc, and it`s going to get intense. What does Yukimasa have in store for the wall that was offered to him as F.K.? How will people react to whatever it is? Will there be any repercussions? Only by reading will you find out the answers to those questions and more. So be sure to read and enjoy!

Heads Chapter 6

It`s been a while, but Heads is making it`s return today ladies and gentlemen. For all those wondering what is going to happen now, well, all I can tell you is to wonder no more, but read and find out.