Server downtime

Well, not much was released since our website went down except for Guardian Dog (links in post and in linux`s post when he makes it). I would like to make sure everybody knows that the yaoi picture Kajii posted for my birthday is NOT the reason we went down.. nice try~

But truth be told, we`re having trouble with our current webhost, apparently having over 500000 pageviews in one day is not within the limit (it is, we payed well for that ;p). So we`re looking to switch to a better host and better kind of server, most of it is already funded but we`re only a tiny bit short~ I wouldn`t ask this lightly but we could surely use a few donations to make up for this loss. Thanks in advance.

It was fun having you kids in our irc channel, we set a new peak at 114 users~ not bad =3

Thanks goes out to Hawk for fixing everything once the webhost decided to give us access again. If you come across any errors, missing pages or naked pictures of staff members.. please contact us!

PW 11

It`s been a long time~ Hazama & Noobz stepped up in the end & got things done real fast, so a big thank-you goes out to them. ;) We should be seeing steady releases from here on. :D Until then~

DDL should be up soon as well :)

Ikigami Chapter 26

Here you go ladies and gentlemen, the next chapter of Ikigami. For those interested in knowing more about the NPPA and it`s enforcers, a little bit will get explained in this chapter so there`s something to look forward to right there. Other than that, there is plenty to get intrigued with, and plenty of theories to consider on how this arc is going to end, and I can say, I`m not sure anyone is going to really see the way it will ultimately end.