kaitaishinsho 04

yay it out….sorry guys i been at school for 12 hours and i couldnt find the time to post it while i was there T.T could have been out sooner and all…and special thanks ZeroDC for helpping qc this!

anway it STILL April 1st!!! and we should all really expect some lame jokes or something that come with this release >.<``
but dont worry i wont include it in the release cuz that will just be bad and all

some crazy thing that happen today:

when i got off the bus this morning for school i put away my DS and didnt know i lost my stylus,

before i got off i saw someone form class but didnt approach him, anway after we had class and all and than when we met for a group meeting the guy i saw ask me if i needed a stylus cuz he found one on the bus today! and i was like holy sht that mine and i didnt even notice i lost it >___< totally true story, and not to mention the guy usually doesnt even get on that bus too so it was just some crazy stroke of luck that he happen to be late and got on my bus and found it. happy early b-day to Futari too!! [/center]

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