Full Contact Volume 6

So a full release of Full Contact and also the final Volume, dedicated to a little weirdo`s birthday. Yes it is futari`s birthday today, as you could see from previous releases and that is not just a belated April`s Fool. Sorry for not having any fancy addons like Kajii, but hope you still might like the release, whenever you actually begin reading it. Especially Volume 6 has some `IT`S A TRAP` content that you might like. A big thanks go to adytu99 for all the actual management work of this project and also might take the chance to thank Akash, Kitsu and KaseiC for their color pages. Especially page 207 (KaseiC) in the final chapter came out quite nice. I myself have not read all of the series yet, but grew quite fond of it and it has a very charming end, albeit definitely too short….

Anyway, been a while that I joined imangascans already and also some months since futari became group leader. Happy Birthday and despite sounding weird, we`re Happy to have you around. *pat, pat, ruffle, ruffle* Good Job and hope you have a nice day today, as well as some enjoyment. Guess a gaming day ? ~ And of course … might all the leechies enjoy it too !

19 thoughts on “Full Contact Volume 6”

  1. I like to me very much the series from the first chapter hurts of such an abrupt end, one notices in the pages that they put the mangakas that I do not impress the series very much in japon I imagine that because of it they ended this way so abrupt but it was indeed a very charming end and there has given me much that to think, thank you for taking the series I hope that they continue with your work and my message encourages them to continue in this that is a hard work and they do it for the simple love and remember last words of otawa and continue forward. and its a shame it havent caused too much impact in japan the series has much potencial to give…

  2. Kyaaaa~~~~ this series makes me want to wiggle. XD Thanks futa for having a birthday~ :o

    Time to read it again on our awesome reader :D

  3. Thank you for a great job scanlating this manga. A pity to see it end, but I am glad that it was a fun read.

    Looking forward to your next project!

  4. Aww~
    It is always a bit sad to see the end of a good story.
    But it was a charming end.

  5. Happy Birthday Futari!!

    …and thank you all so much for scanlating this manga. I started it when it first began to come out and loved every step of the journey that led to this ending, and for the completion of that journey to be possible I have all of you to thank.

    Thanks, blessings, and I look forward to enjoying your future releases!

  6. yay another series finish!!!
    that 1 more down XD
    thanks for the awesome jobs

    and happy b-day to futari again..and again

  7. Haha~ it`s good to know I am loved, no matter how obnoxious I can get =3
    Thanks for the release, marks an end to one of our projects.. nice to see that actually happen in my lifetime :D

  8. Great!!! It`s finally done! Thanks for finishing Kurokami.
    Page 207 was done by KaseiC (FC`s biggest fan). Came out awesome We can see she`s an artist :D .
    EDIT: Page 204 was done by Roro-x (he complained so i had to edit) fact which is visible on the image since he signed it XD .
    Also I`d like to thank all the staff members that helped on this chapter. You are all great.
    I hope everyone enjoyes the chapter and the series.
    And the most important thing i must add today is of course:

    Happy Birthday Futari!!!

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