No Bra ch31

Well, here it is! Finally we finished no bra, we took it in about half a year ago and it moved so damn slow (Sorry Kurokami ;p). But here it is, enjoy and don`t forget to come bash and/or discuss this chapter in our forum~

I must say I liked the ending, the swimming pool scene was enjoyable xD

On a sidenote, I`ve been asked before but never looked into it.. the picture in the creditpage originates from here.

eep, and a thank you for akash for his work on ch30~

Painting Warriors 13

The author`s talk page was a pain to translate, so make sure you read that. D: First one to notice the typo gets a prize! ;D Just kidding, you`ll just end up having azn punch a hole through your face. <3 We love y`all. ;D ddl coming up soon-ish.

Good Ending chapter 32

[FONT=verdana]^futari at work[/FONT]

Credits to Rena Chan for the raws, Gachimaya for the translation, Kitsu for the proofread and sheekthief & Kajii for the editing~

***** *** *** the *** but if you **** any more ***** then no ******* GE33, got that? Good.. it`ll be out when it is out.. we know where we get our raws, no need to send us any.. Thank you for listening~ SAFETYSMILE :D

Hambaagagaaru chapter, loved it! I don`t want to influence the poll on here but yeah.. Oonumaaaa<3

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