Good Ending chapter 29

Another week, another chapter~ Hambaagagaaru on the color page?! YAY!

And Silver did a nice color page, I didn`t include it in the release but it can still be viewed here: Click!

And pleaaaaase, we know where to get raws.. no need to spam us with links o; That is to say..


22 thoughts on “Good Ending chapter 29”

  1. I`ve just realised that this thing is going to run and run with no good ending in sight. More angst and teen drama, with the occasional confession and rejection. Blah.

  2. I think its getting kinda silly. Sure ppl cheat, but nobody goes “So you found out”. It kinda feels like the author is outta ideas so its just something dramatic to keep the story going :(

  3. Always feel like punching someone after every chapter release. so why am I keep reading this >_<

    I`m predicting a panel in the next chapter where Shou screams, “Utsumi-kun, that`s enough” :D Hmm, now Shou realize that Utsumi`s the one for her, Utsumi gets together with Shou out of pity but in doing so realize that he still loves Kurokawa… so where does Aonuma fits in all of this :D

  4. As much as I would have hit the guy, I think it would have been better to show what kind of a jerk he is in front of his new girl and maybe break them up.

  5. @chapter ending
    Kick him in the nuts!.

    Seriously, the least koizumi should have done was break the fuckers nose.

  6. really.. koizumi should have pwned him rather than all those talking. >.>
    anyway, thanks for the release~! XDD

  7. That heartless jerk.

    Thanks for the work guys! :D

    I feel this chapter is a bit more than just filler. Though Utsumi`s relationships aren`t being developed, these chapters help to build on what sort of person he really is and they way he chooses to deal with problems…concerning himself and concerning others.

  8. But…But…Why is it so small?!!

    Oh, and thank you, will get around to reading this soon.

  9. Thank you for your work even though it was just a filler!
    I hope we see more Eri next time!

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