Baby Steps chapter 17

Well, this was done really quick~ some corrupted and wrong files were delivered so I stepped in *cough* xD

Anyway.. enjoy~ the last page will set the mood I guess ^^

18 thoughts on “Baby Steps chapter 17”

  1. AWWWWEESSSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx a lot for scanlating this, at the moment it`s my favourite!!!!!!!! Even better than the SJ-stuff.

    THX again, love reading this!

  2. Cheers for release, and I believe there are 11 volumes released in japan and it is on going, not sure of exact chapters though.

  3. This manga is currently my favorite manga. I love tennis, manga, and E-chan !
    But beyond all that I really love imangascans! Thank you very much!

  4. This is nice, I love it when I can follow through a story and releasing fast helps a lot for it! THANK YOU!!!

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