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  1. WoW… So much backup… Well as I said in release note. I wont stop till I`m done. And i probably will release every or second day starting this week…

    And to give you a more public OK reason is that the “other” group don`t allow online read releases.

    And yes we have up till Volume 3 TL and 4 wont take long either…

  2. Maybe finish off the volume and throw in the towel? Only reasons I can see that you would be utterly disinclined to do so, is that you bought the tanks or that you`ve got translations/edits banked up.

  3. Looks like Gantz Waiting Room is way faster, and since they are known to only release volumes you shouldn`t bother anymore working on this. Sucks to be you tbh.

  4. Thanks for the chapter. I hope you will continue releasing it coz I dont trust the other group, IMANGA releases this manga at such a steady good pace, I like your quality alot more. Why dont the other group just try and do a joint, you guys started it first anyways. Hope you will continue

  5. hmm, seems to be some kind of branch of gantz_waitingroom, or a new name. either way, i`m not sure that continuing to scan it is worth the effort tbh, if they`re just going to be several volumes ahead. up to you though. personally i`m getting nyan koi withdrawal.

    cheers for the chapter anyway.

  6. gantz waiting room? they tend to do a lot of entire-volume releases, sometimes multiple volumes at a time. quality`s good too.

  7. linuxnofear wrote:

    Gantz something…. Ask futari…

    That`s exactly the answer I would give, gantz something o:

    Thanks for release, ddl added ^^

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