Full Contact Ch. 30

This chapter was kind of sad … (for me). Marking an end before it really began, but well.

It was not a bad chapter~

8 thoughts on “Full Contact Ch. 30”

  1. Man, can`t a guy get a decent harem going? Kana needs to stop beating around the bush and just confess to him. And if we`re nearing the end I can see why. Seems like the writer isn`t able to balance the comedy, martial arts, and romance very well. This series is fun and I`ve enjoyed it, but a little more focus would have helped.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. I feel the same Kurokami she gave up way too easily, like you said it was over before it even started and here, I was thinking she was the one who will give Kana a god run for her money. Oh well….

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