No Bra ch28

Woah, this is also a chapter that could have been out sooner.. hopefully the last few chapters will come out quickly after this ^_^

7 thoughts on “No Bra ch28”

  1. it was quite a long wait but finally chapter 28 is here but it`s quite disappointing that they left us hanging without any idea what might have happened. Hope that the next chapter comes out sooon I just can t wait!. how many chapters does no bra have?? I hope it doesn`t end soon, reading it has been really fun..

  2. finally it`s release. i still curious about the ending. i hope the next chapter will come out soon.^^

  3. Of course now we`re left with a cliffhanger as we get closer to the end. Also I`m still curious to find out how this does end. Heck, I almost don`t believe Yuki is a guy, but no matter what happens this has been a fun manga, especially Maa-kun and his Magnum PI shirts.

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