Saikyou! Ch03

>_< it been a while that i posted, i just post for LordLestat : Here`s saikyou 3… yeah we were kind enough to release another chapter so soon. I`ve decided to show you Kajii`s special love for women so that`s the reason for the credit page. And we are finally done with the long chapters! Finally the next chapter is a normal one… anyway enjoy the chapter [/center]

Dollgun 18

woot we bring you dollgun 18….actually i starting writing this before i receive the finish copy of dollgun XD but you would never know about this =P

anway since i got to make a post right after GE! shou not that bad of a person! she just want to go after the guy she love rather than someone new! PFT to all you who disagree

without further ranting…