Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 03

Whew its been forever since chapter 02. But it came back good! The reason why it took so long because the original translator just stopped communicating or something. So Prozess came to the rescue. With typesetter too he came and helped.

Also I would like to point out that i got a blog (advertisement for the win). Mainly going to use this blog to post random stuff or videos off youtube. Just stuff I find interesting. Currently there is a couple of blog post. But no comments. Its lonely there T_T.

Also I want to advertise something else. Starting with GE 28 I am going to time lapse every cleaning I do of magazine raws for IMS. They will all be posted on both my blog and youtube account. Also I am going to try and make it HD so that everyone can see what I am doing.

5 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 03”

  1. MF link isn`t working. and ddl .rar was corrupt (tried twice). i`ll try MU now that it`s up.

  2. woooooooooooooooot Ive been waiting for ages for this release….need moar!!! i love manga thats made by Shirodaira Kyou ….love record of the fallen vampire

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