Good Ending chapter 28

Another chapter, and even though nobody in irc seems to care for Shou (me included) we expect Hambagagaaru to appear soon! *cough*.. we`re still caught up~ end of story!

Sheekthief has done nothing else but spam his blog all over irc to get people to watch this youtube video he made of himself editing good ending, so click here if you want to see what he thinks is awesome~ Still, anybody can apply for a blog here! :D

19 thoughts on “Good Ending chapter 28”

  1. This is going to start depressing me. Lets hope it goes the way I don`t think it will go.

    Thanks for chapter 28

  2. Great!) thanks for the chapter)
    Good luck with new chapters^^

    ?????? ??? ??? ??????? ?????? ???? ? ??????????)

  3. Hehe, Utsumi seems to have a hidden player talent, if just he wasn`t so easily hurt and careful I`d say he would have girls all around him all the time.

    But yeah, thanks for the chapter, I really love this manga and I love you guys for scanlating it. This manga really proves worth waiting for. =) Keep up the good work!

  4. WAHHH!!! Nice chapter!!, I think Shou x keito case is totally different from shou x utsumi. She really felt sad about what she did, but this guy its worse, he acts so normal…

    Anyways, thanks alot for the chapter, eager for the next release :P

  5. I don`t really mind Shou, just how she broke his heart. I love this series and I love how they leave us hanging every chapter and waiting for the next! Thank you guys for all your hard work!

  6. i hate u all >__< shou looks soo cute and never ever take advice from utsumi!!!

    and thanks for the release

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