Good Ending chapter 27

That`s it, we have caught up with the raws currently out.. from now on you can expect them somewhere after Rena Chan releases a new raw ^_^ So releases will be slower from now on, thanks to all who worked on it :D

Having said that, what happens on the last page was a long time coming (ever since the festival).. how does it end up like this anyway? Where will it go now..? :S

19 thoughts on “Good Ending chapter 27”

  1. Thanks guys! So it really happened, you cought up. :P Well, I`m greatful, but on the other hand, now there`s more waiting for next chapters… ;)

  2. You did it! Congratulations to all the people who worked on this series up to this point, and thank you all for your hard work!

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Thank you for the release! This is easily the best romantic shounen manga right now. Would love to see this turned into an anime!

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