Dollgun 17

yay!!! dollgun 17….finally out after 3 month + of waiting, we know people have been holding back for all that time =] now you can let it all out! also it is joint with red-hawk =] who we will be working together to make sure quality is at it`s best

anway few words would like to say:

have to give welcome to war!

who is our new translator for this series /clap and such,

i dont think he ever saw anything i wrote until he finally got hinted that i am going to be working his dollgun project XD

and also a big thanks to Kasei for many many reason with this first release after 3 month >_< wish i could rant more about how good she is and all but cant be more special than war! (for the duration of this post) ps if u dont like our links u can get it at red-hawk also: