Full Contact Ch. 29

Another release ? Immediately after the other ? A waste ?

I think not. Each release deserves its own message and stuffing all those links into one message is a hassle for me, as well.

If you do not like that I do it like this, simply wait a day, download the second release and then imagine that I uploaded it on another day. Soooooo simple.

I seriously could not care less about this `problem`.

Somewhat interesting to see some new, upcoming rivalry and a fairly interesting chapter.

More to come. (Oh really ?)

8 thoughts on “Full Contact Ch. 29”

  1. Thank you for the release!
    I personally love double releases, so you won`t get any complaints from me! :)

  2. Alright, so let the love triangle begin! This is good for him since the girl he confessed to is apparently into girls love. But I have to wonder how many tsundere girls one guy can attract?

  3. Ahhh, she`s so cute. :D Like Otowa. Haha. You guys are the best for the ubber fast releases (and it`s so hq too!) THANK YOU!

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