Full Contact Ch. 29

Another release ? Immediately after the other ? A waste ?

I think not. Each release deserves its own message and stuffing all those links into one message is a hassle for me, as well.

If you do not like that I do it like this, simply wait a day, download the second release and then imagine that I uploaded it on another day. Soooooo simple.

I seriously could not care less about this `problem`.

Somewhat interesting to see some new, upcoming rivalry and a fairly interesting chapter.

More to come. (Oh really ?)

Full Contact Ch. 28

A bit slower than originally intended, but sometimes things get better over time…

if it is not too long. Otherwise you either have rotten stuff around or can`t even find it anymore.

In the end a good reason, why I stopped waiting for the bonus, that should have come with it.

What was this bonus ? SECRET !

But in the end was this delay not even that bad. It came with a funny timing. Just now many children

managed to finish yet another year of their school trial and others are even released into the world

of work or university or both. Not that those are too pleasant worlds, but at least some advancing, ne~

While some kind of wonder, what those kids might do in the future and if you will ever see them again,

this chapter marks the begin of a new year. Hope you enjoy it.

Last, but not least: The normal reminder that we have blog hosting now. Pay a visit, if you are interested in our expanding service.