Good Ending Chapter 25

Here it is! Chapter 25!! Love the response!! Also chapter 26 and 27 are already started! So expect those sometime next week!

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  1. Thanks for the release! And yet again huge cliffhanger, seems like author is putting a lot of pressure on you guys with those chapters. ^^ And yes, me to kills the author if she didn`t hear him, they understood each other perfectly through all that shouting, so there`s no way she would miss that considering he shouted that the loudest.

  2. Thanks for the release……awwww this makes me so sad, he might get rejected again ><

    Can`t wait for the next 2 chapters!

  3. WoW! Thanks alot for the release. You finally almost caught up with Rena-Chan`s RAWS good job. Please keep it up

  4. Awesome, guys!!! Much appreciated!!!!

    Wow… you are just 2 chapters away from catching up with the japanese serialitation. Keep it up!!!! … oh, and the good work too XDDDD

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