Kaitaishinsho Zero ch1v2 & ch2

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Hiyokoi chapter 03

Why is it so late?: Shut up.

Where`s chapters 4-5?: Shut up.

Where`s more Jutten?: Shut up.

Chocolate?: Shut up.

Badminton girl?: Finished, shut up.

What have you been doing lately? Obviously you haven`t been doing us any feckin` good: I haven`t been playing games, I haven`t been reading manga, I haven`t signed up for the army, I haven`t been sulking over my -ex, I haven`t been masturbating daily and I sure as hell haven`t been procrastinating. Shut up.

Just shut up and read this latest chapter of Hiyokoi.

G…..baby step 13

XD here baby step 13….and not anything else

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[OneShot] SWOT

I don`t even know what this is about. NoobzRlegendz just came into irc sent me a PM and ask if i could release this so here it is!

Summary and Preview

Transfer student Manabizaki Kyou is a swot, a person who spends too much time studying. His dream is to attend Tokyo University and then work for NASA! He will soon discover, however, that the high school he`s transferred into, which was once very prestigious, has taken in delinquents from the surrounding schools. Now it is full of violence and gang fights.

Luckily, Manabizaki has a surprising skill at fighting, particularly when he`s defending the peace of his study area. Through this strength he`ll find his new friends, a weak boy called Iwashida and a legendary delinquent girl, Hasuno Nene, who makes him feel things that, for the first time in his life, he can`t explain…


I think its Love. Mainly for the guy. And Hate for the Girl.

Well thats about all.