Nyan Koi Chapter 29

This should have been out last week but out typesetter`s internet went out for that whole time and finally posted today that it was out (he did it on his phone :x)

Thanks to Haru and Prozess for finishing this for me while i enjoyed myself playing Starcraft 2 / CSS / TF2 also while I was finishing up Good Ending 24. I just found a scar on the back of my hand. Wow whatever

You probably want links..

WorldCon T_T

Also props to [Shunrai] for this: http://pastebin.imangascans.com/4

10 thoughts on “Nyan Koi Chapter 29”

  1. Great job as always on this newest release of Nyan Koi :D~!! Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work

  2. Thought they were adding another one to the collection, but then but towards the end I lol`d hard

    Thanks for the release

  3. Thanks for the release!

    Another character makeover perhaps? Nagi looks cute with long hair/glasses

  4. That was amazing (referring to [Shunrai] trolling mastery)

    Oh, and thank you for the chapter, my day has just gotten better.

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