babystep 12

/cheer at this chapter and special thanks to kajii and gachimaya for qcing it fast

and to adytu99 for helping with the cleans =P we forgot about him for chapter 11 >.<`` sorry anway got lost on the road today and end up at a completely different place lols…took me about 1 and a half our to find my way back and was only 30 min late to my group meeting and guess what today my birthday too… so happy b-day to me XD and
enjoy this chapters and look forward to more

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  1. I know it is a while back that chapter 4 was released, but I spotted an error. Between page 19 and 20 a page is missing. It is page 180 in the vol. 1 release you can bye in stores. It is page 184 in the raw edition from the net. Hope it will be corrected I am a huge fan of the series and your work here at imangascans!!!

  2. I was waiting for this, so thanks alot for the chapter and Happy Birthday!:) Hope you have a good one

  3. Happy birthday Arch!!!
    /me gives Archknight a whole harem for the night
    Enjoy them!!! You the man!!!!

    Thanks for the release too :D

  4. /me gives archknight a maid(sheekthief) , happy birthday arch :D

    and thanx for the release~

  5. Happy birthday.

    And if I COULD get maids, a harem, or a fat wad of money…well, I`d get it/them for myself first. But I`m sure I could fit you in sometime after. :D

  6. /me rummages through her closet, looking for her maid outfit
    Can`t say I can give you the other things.. but I like dressing up so it`s a win win situation~

    Thanks for Baby steps and happy birthday =3

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