Full Contact Ch. 23

And another !? Yes, I just post them all today, that one of our members can complain about the timing. ~_~

Or just because they were ready ? Whatever sounds better to the individual. Your choice~

More to follow soon anyway. I liked this chapter more than the previous one and not just because it was less work for me. XD

I also hope, I will find the owner of some other series` chapter to give him a “friendly” wink to release it.

What am I talking about ? S-E-C-R-E-T. :P

5 thoughts on “Full Contact Ch. 23”

  1. Oh Kuro <3 You`re such a tease <3 I love the timing for these two releases~ XD

    Thanks for the release! XD

  2. It`s kinda weird to say “Thanks for the release” twice, so I`m gonna say:
    Thanks for all your hard work :D !!!

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