Magical Circle Guru Guru Chapter 8

Here it is folks, finally, the release of chapter 8 of Magical Circle Guru Guru. I don`t have much to say, for it. I`ve had it ready for a day or two, but I wanted to do a hand drawn credits page, and I`ve had issues with my main hand as of late. Either way, here it is at last. Read up and enjoy folks.

4 thoughts on “Magical Circle Guru Guru Chapter 8”

  1. yay! ^_^
    finally :D
    thanks for the release! ;D

    great drawing BFSanji :o :)
    who cares it`s not cleaned XD it`s still great

  2. There was no rhyme or reason to the way it was done. At least not consciously. Knightex isn`t even a member of the group as far as I know, we just use the raws that he provides. As for the credits page being cleaned… Look I just scanned it and put it up. It`s only the credits page to the site anyway, so what does it matter? All I wanted was to do a hand drawn site credits page and that`s what I did. I wasn`t trying to make anyone more important than anyone else be the size of the names or anything like that, so…. I don`t know what there is left to say.

  3. Your work is very great, Mister Black Foot Sanji, but your own name is largest? It is only your name written in cursive as well. Surely one with such stature in this group as yourself is capable of letting other lowly members garner attention. Like Kasei or KnightX. Are you not also a prestigious cleaner? How can one such as yourself allow for an error of this magnitude to nonchalantly trance by? There must be some artistic purpose behind leaving this credits page uncleaned, correct? I would love deeply to be enlightened by you on this matter.

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