Kitsune no Yomeiri Chapter 05

Well here it is after a long time I have no idea when. But yeah Kitsu asked me to release (well she asked Kajii but I wanted too :3)

At the bottom is says

“Thought I`d try my hand at sheek`s crappy scribble credits :P Also, crap sketch of random kitsune ^”

Full Contact Ch.21

I know it`s a little earlier than we usually release a new chapter,

but this chpter had to come out today,

since it`s coincidently a Valentine`s chapter.

Also, I must thank Kitsu for the lovely coloured page. It looks great.

I know there are some problems in these last 2 chapters regarding the quality, but at the moment that problem is being resolved, and should be fixed by the next chapter. Sorry about that!

The most important thing i must say today is:

Happy Valentine`s day everyone!!!