Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio chapter 01

Another `new` project. Well it is actually already lying around for quite some time and somewhat of an accident.

Several projects were suggested and I just downloaded all to take a look and pushed them into a folder, including some random downloads of mine.

I really could`ve sworn that this was a suggested projected and began to translate it. It really fits so well to the other ims projects. XD Especially Leona Explosion and I really wondered at first: WHY THE HECK DO I TL that !?

But the more I read of it, the more I liked it. The male lead`s facial expressions (~_~) are just too adorable.

Unfortunately I am not sure when the next release will be, because we lack the Raws.

I seem… in general not blessed with projects that have raws. Another example `Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi` … T_T

The Online Credits also were an easy pick, this time. This chapter really made it easy on me, because it expresses wonderfully what I currently feel for one of `our` fellow (?) teammembers. Especially after the most recent event, I had really some vicious images in my head.

I want to devote this chapter to Noobz and thank him for his thorough work on this chapter and not to mention the speedy set.

Thank you very much.

Well anyway. I do not intend to drop this project, so when anyone has raws available, do not forget to drop them into my direction~

14 thoughts on “Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio chapter 01”

  1. I really hope that you will finish this manga translation ^^
    because this manga is really good, it reminds me of Love hina but we will see what future translation will show ( there will be other translation right ?? @[email protected] ….please…. )

    in any cease best of luck people hope that you will translate many more mangas ^_-

  2. You people got a nice project. Ecchi, romance, wrestling but a main girl I like XDDDD Thanks and keep up the great work^^

  3. woot thanks for the release!
    now if only i can hunt down that other manga (we been working on) that has been sitting around since last year

  4. I seem… in general not blessed with projects that have raws.

    nobdy said scnalation is an easy job. And a portion of luck is required everywhere :)
    Nice chapter! Thanks:)
    (Though I should stop picking up every new series that is posted here to read, I already lost count of what I am reading…)

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