GE 20

gotta love us! we bring you GE 20 enjoy this chapter! /rant below

thanks kajii for letting me post this and even waited for me to come back home after stuffing myself with soooo much chicken from popeyes XD … still pretty fast release! gotta thank all the staff who helped get this out fast (notice how many cleaners actually took part in this)

i dont really have much to say this time cuz you guys been pretty shy about voicing your complaints about this slowness XD but dont… we always welcome your presences in our channel and we like having random discussions if you have time

again i hope you guys like this and look forward to more of our works and something about ——- the ads =P

15 thoughts on “GE 20”

  1. Thanks for the release. I actually started reading because I saw this chapter update on a mass manga site.

    Can`t wait for the next chap.

  2. Sweet! You guys rock:) Thanks alot for such a quick release, the scans have now almost caught up to the raws. Awesome! Thanks alot for the hard work

  3. FIRST!

    Thanks for the great release, but then again, WHAT THE FUDGE?!

    I mean… I need to figure out my thoughts.

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