Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio chapter 01

Another `new` project. Well it is actually already lying around for quite some time and somewhat of an accident.

Several projects were suggested and I just downloaded all to take a look and pushed them into a folder, including some random downloads of mine.

I really could`ve sworn that this was a suggested projected and began to translate it. It really fits so well to the other ims projects. XD Especially Leona Explosion and I really wondered at first: WHY THE HECK DO I TL that !?

But the more I read of it, the more I liked it. The male lead`s facial expressions (~_~) are just too adorable.

Unfortunately I am not sure when the next release will be, because we lack the Raws.

I seem… in general not blessed with projects that have raws. Another example `Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi` … T_T

The Online Credits also were an easy pick, this time. This chapter really made it easy on me, because it expresses wonderfully what I currently feel for one of `our` fellow (?) teammembers. Especially after the most recent event, I had really some vicious images in my head.

I want to devote this chapter to Noobz and thank him for his thorough work on this chapter and not to mention the speedy set.

Thank you very much.

Well anyway. I do not intend to drop this project, so when anyone has raws available, do not forget to drop them into my direction~

GE 20

gotta love us! we bring you GE 20 enjoy this chapter! /rant below

thanks kajii for letting me post this and even waited for me to come back home after stuffing myself with soooo much chicken from popeyes XD … still pretty fast release! gotta thank all the staff who helped get this out fast (notice how many cleaners actually took part in this)

i dont really have much to say this time cuz you guys been pretty shy about voicing your complaints about this slowness XD but dont… we always welcome your presences in our channel and we like having random discussions if you have time

again i hope you guys like this and look forward to more of our works and something about ——- the ads =P