Tenkyuugi 03

Another (by some) long awaited Release of Tenkyuugi. It has been quite some time and my abscence seems to have caused this delay. Rather unfortunate.. but this series just does not receive the attention it deserves.

I am glad to finally bring this out, thanks to the help of Asabiesa and Sapphire Pyro and also sad to announce that this will also be IMS` last release of this project.

With this I am giving the flag to those two and hope they will succeed in bringing the manga community many Tenkyuugi Releases in the future.

3 thoughts on “Tenkyuugi 03”

  1. Sankyuu!!!! I really like this manga <3

    I have a question though. Is Nanten a guy or girl? lol His uniform is different from the other guys and he was referred to as “she” by the first group who scanlated it. So I`m confused > <

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