Baby Steps ch10

wooot it Baby step…been a while since the last release i think >.< and a while since i last posted anything too....
hopefully this will go faster when we have some active cleaner on it and try to catch up with the series?

ALSO i do come bearing good news that good things are to come! not because of complains but of our kind hearted staff that we do have to provide you with free stuff ^^ so enjoy this chapter

P.S. sorry ilikefood =P but u should bow to me now!

17 thoughts on “Baby Steps ch10”

  1. I play tennis and I like this way more than the Dragonball-ish Prince of Tennis…thanks for a good read guys ^^!

  2. about god damn fwking time!!!! jk
    i heard this was hard to clean so i wont/dont complain about the slow releases
    thanks for the release goons.

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