Full Contact Ch. 17

It took a little longer but here it is, the next chapter of Full Contact.

I was pretty useless this time, [flag]uk[/flag] Haru-chan and Akash did all the work, for which i thank them

and hope I can do something next time.

Please enjoy the chapter!!!

Heads Chapter 5

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the next chapter in that suspense filled series, Heads. More questions have arisen since the last chapter. What was with that face at the end of the last chapter? Is the donated brain portion already showing side effects? Is everything going to actually be ok? Well, I can not say all of those will be answered, but I can tell you that questions not listed will be answered, I just don`t want to really give anything away. So, if you want answers to those questions and more, I can only suggest that you do one thing…….READ.


Mahou no Iroha – Chapter 04

Well here it is after so long of a delay that this may be one of my last post because Futari is going to kill me..

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