Jutten! chapter 01

I was looking for something nice to start, and I believe I might have found it in Jutten!

It`s about a boy who goes to his first day of High school, thinking it`ll be full of awesome (pervy) meetings with sexy girls and whatnot, but instead has a lot of luck and get`s peed on my a dog amongst things (best panel in the chapter xD). A girl that uses her bike to drive over his ass sorta helps him and gives him a handkerchief with a 10 yen coin in it (hense the name of the series) and… very plausible stuff happens afterwards. Just read it; it`s good for some fun.

Ow, and it`s by the author who does Toradora seemingly, if you need another reason to read it.

Please don`t pay too much attention to the leveling on this one. It`s been sort of a solo project and I haven`t really done anything other than translate stuff here and there before, so that might show >__>

12 thoughts on “Jutten! chapter 01”

  1. I`m waiting for someone that translate this work and now… you`re the best! Thanks thanks thanks!!!!

  2. Hey, that`s a nice manga! Too bad it is only two-volumes-completed series. It`s probably hard work to do it solo, but don`t give up, Gnuffie! I`m cheering for you!

  3. Gnuffie did shounen? Impossible.
    Worked alone? You did a good job.
    Now get back to translating ;D
    The chapter is great. Can`t wait for the next one.

  4. Looks funny. I`m impressed…there`s no way I could solo anything…I can`t even get my one series done fast >.< Thanks for your work, Gnuffie! ^_^

  5. Wait. This is the series I wanted to see translated. Thank you so much Gnuffie!

    Oh, and if you need a proofreader (even though you`re soloing it) just let me know ^_^

  6. The trick is to take a break every 5 pages or so and just go do something else for 15 minutes xD But yeah, thanks guys. I`m going to try and pump out a chapter a day ><

  7. Haha, awesome, tho Kajii gets penis envy from practically everything, including females :O Kudos to you for soloing it, i know how hard it is forcing urself to finish :P

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