Painting Warriors Chapter 9

[FONT=times new roman]The long wait is finally over, i present you Painting Warriors. I know it took us a while to release this, but what can i say?”Better late than never” I was busy with stuff so couldn`t work on this. Enjoy and make sure to comment, the more comments we get the sooner the next release will come.[/FONT]

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7 thoughts on “Painting Warriors Chapter 9”

  1. Can you please upload chapter 15 for Painting Warriors!!!!!!??????!!!!!!! I`m in suspense o(r something like that)!!! Please upload soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like this one, but I see that it`s complete at 3 volumes… what a shame, nevertheless I`ll look forward to it. Good job with the releases as always, especially with all the chitchat this one has going on; I`ve seen worse but this is still a bit more than the norm.

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