Kurohime 56

:ahh: yes another chapter of Kurohime!!! it is end of volume 15!! I would like thank to KaseiC !!! also mistedrena who has taken care of almost entire volume 15! Also we need a donation to order Tankobon (volume book) volume 17. Volume 16 should come out by soon :)

Read this Manga online =http://reader.imangascans.com/Kurohime/Kurohime_ch56>>here<<[/URL][/B]

6 thoughts on “Kurohime 56”

  1. LOVE you guys for doing this series. It`s a really good one that i dont think gets enough attention. So thanks.

  2. All these Kurohime releases are leaving me near speechless, Thanks greatly for the releases guys

  3. You know, something about all these releases of Kurohime makes me happy.
    Thanks for chapter 56

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