Nyan Koi – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Nyan Koi!

Since my laziness stopped me from making an image credits here this is.

Also it might be a few until a new chapter is release our translator for Nyan Koi seems to be MIA! (Kidding) But her approximate return to translating is in February I believe. So if anybody ask for Nyan Koi before that I`m going to kill them…

Also for who ever is going to upload to Mangafox (Probably Matias067 xP) name this chapter 26.1 since this is a short chapter because the mangeka got sick during the month this was supposed to be done and couldn`t finish it and he did another chapter 26 except its longer…

I am super awesome btw

11 thoughts on “Nyan Koi – Chapter 26”

  1. This one was a release when the mangaka got sick, the first chapter 26 which is only 6 pages.
    Then a new chapter 26 was made the next month, full pages.
    And as far as I know 27 is out as well~

  2. Ooo thanks for the release man, been so long since I last read Nyan Koi, well, that Tiji-kun…anyway, thanks for, albeit 7-paged, release!

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