Magical Circle Guru Guru Chapter 7

No ladies and gentlemen, you are not seeing things. Chapter 7 is up and not even a full day later. If you were thinking, great now I have to wait a while again, well you didn`t wait as long as you thought you might have been, did you? Will Nike be able to save Kukuri and Zaza? Will those two guys following him help or hurt his cause? What exactly is going to happen when the arrive at the mountain? Well, take and read to find out, and remember…….

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5 thoughts on “Magical Circle Guru Guru Chapter 7”

  1. Wait !
    I think you have miss one page!
    I borrow this manga from my friend(Chinese version)
    I found there are one more page in chapter 7(page 117)
    One more thing, someone has post ad in this page.

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