[Newcomer] Kogan no Mouten – Chapter 1

Well since I personally didn`t work on this I can`t tell you much about it. So I spoke to WorldCon and he said we dropped NAGATO YUKI-CHAN NO SHOUSHITSU (sorry fans!) to pick up Kogan no Mouten. Also he wants to apologize to Yukihito since she had to wait until this was released pretty much (or something like that xP) Well here it is!

[Insert Description Here]

Okay since there is no description (let alone any kind of information on this manga) you`re going to have to read it to see if you like it.


Also it is serialized in Gangan Online

I`m going to guess that its monthly but don`t take my word on it.

Well also I read it before hand, its a mystery shounen. I personally like it a lot. Don`t want to spoil anything but if you like mystery type mangas I suggest you read this.

Also this is a really messed up post but like I said I didn`t work on this so Its just a jumble of random information I got from WorldCon

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